Come on in Saturday at Noon with Coach James and Coach Megan for an hour of awesome sauce! Any newcomers' first class is free and we guarantee your child will have a blast as we pair fun and functional human movement. Over 15 years combined kid experience!

Here's what's shakin' for Saturday

2x or 5 minutes
Alligator crawl => 5 meter side shuffle on the boxes => army crawl => 5 meter shuffle on the boxes => bear crawl => 5 meter shuffle on the boxes => 10 jumping jacks => speed ladder => 10-meter skip => 10-meter bunny hop

Med Ball Hang Cleans

7 minute AMRAP
7 push presses, unloaded-PVC
7 ball slams
7 pull-ups (Jumping or banded)

CrossFit To and Fro

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