Tuesday Workout

3x or 5:00
Bear crawl around obstacles => 5 super-slow squats => lunges => 5 jump and spins => speed ladder =>3 Burpees =>pocket kickers


Workout:Med Ball Relay Races 

We will divide into two (or more) teams. Markers will be placed 25M and 50M away from the start line. The first person in line will take med ball #1 and drop it off at the first marker and run back. The same person will run back and grab med ball #2 and place it at the second marker. When the first person gets back, the second person in line will be responsible for moving both balls back to the start line. Alternate until all team members have gone. We will have an AMRAP contest between the two (or more) teams. The people waiting in line will be required to hold a 15 second plank while waiting in line.


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