Sunday Workout

Warm up 
3x or 5:00
3 handstand attempts => 10 arm circles forward => 10 arm circles backward => forward roll => 5 jumping squats = 3 jumping muscle ups => 10 sec hollow hold => 6 broad jumps=> 10 jumping jacks => 50-meter high-knee skip

Pre-teen/teen: clean and jerk
Elementary: Burpee box/plate jump 

10:00 AMRAP 
5 clean and jerks
5 jumping muscle ups 
5 hollow hold/superman on floor 

Hot Potato – Sit in a circle and, with music playing, pass a ball or beanbag to the person next to you. When the music stops, the child holding the “hot potato” does 3 reps of an exercise. Pass the potato; no throwing.

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