Tuesday 11.25.14

Hula Hoop Tabata Warm up (all movements will be completed inside or around your hula hoop)
2 X Through
1. Hula hoop
2. Side to side jump (over the outside rim of the hula hoop
3.Arm Circles (standing inside hoop)
4. Squat Jump(standing inside hoop)
5. One legged-toe touch
6. Plank (hands inside of hoop-feet outside)

CrossFit Baseball!
6 Innings (Get as many points as you can each inning)
Home plate=forward Roll 
Walking Lunge to 1st Base  
1st Base= 3/5 Squats
Carioca to 2nd Base
2nd Base= 3/5 Jumping Muscle Ups
Animal Crawl to 3rd Base
3rd Base=3/5 Burpees
Run to Home Plate

Open Gym Time!

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