Tuesday 1.20.15

3x or 5:00
Bear crawl => 10 jumping jacks =>Over the Boxes 5 super-slow squats => Crab Walk => 5 lunges => speed ladder =>4 Monkey Hangs => 25-meter skip => 25-meter high knees

Hang Clean 

8:00-10:00 AMRAP
6 Hang Cleans
6 Box Jumps 

6 Monkey Hangs/Jumping Muscle ups

CrossFit Kids Limbo – With music playing, the coaches will hold the ends of a length of PVC pipe. Players line up at a cone 2 meters from the coaches. Kids perform 3 push-ups to earn a chance to limbo under the PVC pipe. The PVC is lowered incrementally after all players have taken a turn. A variation is allowing a standing jump over the PVC pipe instead of a limbo under.

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