Saturday 12.13.14

Musical Wallballs 
     *Music playing=wallball
     *Music Stopped=ball slams

Skin the Cat
Ring Holds

10:00 AMRAP
100m Row
10 sec pull up hold
1 Wall Walk

Bombs in the Tower
(Use a gymnastics mat rolled up and stand it tall on one side (one kid should be able to stand in it with the mat wrapped around him like a wall). This kid is “guarding the tower” assign 2-3 other children to guard the outside of the tower. All other kids are “bombing the tower.” Bombers must stand behind a line and throw dodgeballs (aka bombs) into the tower, before a bomb may thrown it must be activated with a burpee. All bombs that land in the tower equal one point. Guards can jump and use their hands to block the bombs from entering their tower. The child who is in the tower must throw out the bombs as soon as he or she can- this keeps the game going. A coach helps roll the balls back to the bomber.

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