Saturday 2.7.15

Warm Up
Bananas (hollows), Superman, and L's
“Banana Game”- kids bear crawl in a large circle to music. When coach stops the music and yells out a position (i.e. banana, Superman, L) kids quickly transition into place.

Teen-Hang Power Clean
Elementary-Box Jumps


8:00 AMRAP
1 Wall Walk
3/5 Deadlifts
10 sec L sit hold 

Trash on My Yard
Divide the class into two teams. Each team has their “yard” with various equipment on it (Cones, plates, balls etc). At “go” kids must move equipment on their yard to the other side as fast as possible. The game continues until coach yells time! Teams must work together to have less trash on their yard than the other team when time runs out.

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